Our Approach

  • To provide a forum for networking with other researchers at Sheffield Hallam University to enable discussion and exchange of ideas.
  • To stimulate debate about autism research across disciplines, including conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues.
  • To disseminate information about autism research being undertaken at SHU and internationally both within the university and the wider community (e.g. via bulletins, contribution to newsletters, workshops, seminars, social media, networking activities or other events).
  • To work collaboratively in promoting a participatory approach, involving autistic people and their families in autism research at SHU.
  • To develop opportunities for formulating bids for research funding within and across departments and Faculties.
  • To develop opportunities for collaborative and supportive writing across the partnership
  • To develop Sheffield Hallam’s position as a site of expertise across a broad range of autism activity and as a priority research partner for autism organisations, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • To contribute to the promotion of inclusive practice within SHU.
  • To work collaboratively in highlighting national events within the university e.g. autism awareness week.